small team.

We are a small team of yoga teachers, practitioners of health, fitness and positive lifestyle choices. All members have a standing backgrounds in their respective disciplines.

Core beliefs.

Our core beliefs are steeped in contributing to providing a better quality of life for all inhabitants of this planet. Fundamentally we believe in helping people who believe in helping others.

Our Choice.

Our choice is to support people who are pursuing interests in creating a better world, and creating a healthy and harmonious environment that supports a better quality of life for all.

Committed to your success.

We are orientated towards long term service. Our methods are chosen for efficiency, cost consideration and usability. Our goal is to assist progressive entities so that they may have the best chance of success.

About Prana Creative

A digital agency based in Australia, serving a global community.


branding and promotion.

We Are the Digital strategists to help you realise your brand evolution.


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