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Prana Creative specialises in graphic design, web sites, and marketing solutions for yoga, pilates, health & fitness, lifestyle and well being related businesses






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Prana Creative is...

Prana Creative is a small team of yoga teachers, practitioners and lovers of yoga, health, fitness and positive lifestyle choices who have long standing backgrounds in their respective fields including, design, advertising, journalism and marketing.

Working with Prana Creative is easy because chances are if you need something done, we've already done it before.

Prana Creative is new but our services are not. Prana Creative have been working with yoga studios, teachers, health, fitness, well being and related businesses for over 7 years, including branding, design, printing, web site development photography and more.

The experience of travelling, teaching, practicing and working in the yoga industry, combined with a 25 year history in advertising and design means we have invaluable insight into the needs of lifestyle and well being related businesses.

Prana Creative History

Prana Creative Logo. Flower of Life
Prana Creative Logo

Prana Experience

The Prana team know what it's like hands-on in yoga studios because we have worked and taught in yoga studios since 2006. Our passion is in helping people who want to build businesses that make a positive difference in the world, be it local, global or national.

Prana Creative understands the individual personalities of yoga, health and well being businesses but also understand the similarities. We have developed packaged solutions to give our customers what is the most relevant for their needs.

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Prana Solutions

Prana Creative can help yoga, health and well being businesses achieve their goals easier and faster. Our 'Prana Packs' provide the features services that suit small, medium and large enterprises.

Our Packs will suit most requirements but if you need something more or something less, ask if we can tailor a solution for you, just ask.

We establish where you fit in to the yoga, health and wellbeing scheme of things, how to address your situation, and then get on with providing solutions that work.

You will notice how simple and open our process is and you will find you have more free time to do the other important things, like looking after yourself and finding a little more time to fulfil your own lifestyle needs.

We work with you

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Ongoing Support

When the work is finished we know the wheels keep turning. We are here to keep you up to date and in shape. Our integrated services mean you can get things done efficiently and seamlessly, usually with just a few emails.

When you need ongoing service, have a question, need some updates to your web site, or promotion material  for an upcoming event we can help.

We're an online business so we're never too far away. Contact us any time, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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